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She touches her tender big toe as she props it up to rest it while she reads. Some nice shots of her long pretty toes from the top and bottom.Darcia DHS/Neck Brace Medical Emergency - Catheter Insertion, CPR and Resus, Defib, Stething Darcia is in ICU with a Double Hip-Spica cast following an accident.She has an IV, and is hooked up to the heart monitor with leads, and O2 mask.She wears a hospital gown, neck brace and a green bouffant cap.So she gimps out on a nice sunny day and even agrees to pull her cast sandal off to show off and wiggle her long toes as she rests on a stoop -- it feels almost like she has no shoe at all anyway. He takes off with her sandal and makes hop for it to get it back! She wvaes her casted leg around when she stops between hopping to avoid putting he exposed toes on the ground until its possible not to.When she finally gets her sandal back she takes a gimp up and down a rickety metal stair case and stone stairs with her stiff casted foot. She wakes up with her cast foot on a special pillow and the first thing she does is rub her exposed toes in their plaster prison.The doctor comes in and inserts a catheter after spraying her privates to prep for it.

Victoria agrees to let you come over and do things around the house for her, but that turns out to be a disaster. No model or rec cast, only Real situations - The beautiful Victoria is out back looking amazing in her worn plaster SLWC, standing and sitting with her feet propped up. - Originally, this shoot was going to look like it was in the 70's, but I screwed up by having Starbucks and a cell phone in the clip.

14 years, since 2004 our online shop with more than 800 product, wide range of Fibercast! A crutcher's clip with Emma publicing in one of the open squares.

We offer many TOP quality utilities for immobilization with fiberglass and plaster bandages from reputable manufacturers, amongst them 3M, Hartmann, BSN, NOBA, Miro, L & R, DARCO, HEBU, REBOTEC and many more. but she spends ample time in this clip also resting and showing of her long pretty toes from every angle.

Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment. This video is a clip in a shopping center after our shooting, recorded by a mobile phone - good quality (mostly ).

Cut to later and she's in another plaster SLC because you dropped a bowling ball on her other foot. The bundle comes with over 300 extra pictures not seen on CF! Topics: 1,152, Posts: 8,908 , Members: 1,871 and growing!! - You are Victoria's clumsy friend that ran over her foot with your car.

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