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If a bee can't go outside to poo and does its business inside, the others will eat the mess to keep the hive clean.

Australian study reveals the disease fighting powers of bee semen Honey isn't the only powerfully anti-microbial fluid bees are capable of producing, with new research revealing the seminal fluid of male honey bees can destroy the fungal spores of one of the most widespread bee pathogens.

Plant-based miticides sting bee mortality Plant-based miticides that act against Varroa destructor mites may help stem honeybee deaths - several plant-derived miticides activate a sensory protein found on the mites’ front legs.

This allows members and fans to easily communicate with each other and share experience and ideas. Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying Unique Israeli research reveals why honeybees are dying Fewer wildflower choices thwart bees’ natural inclination to choose a balanced diet and they suffer cognitively from lack of omega-3 acids.New business Tasman Honey processes honey for hobbyists A honey extraction business in Nelson has been set up with the ability to process small quantities of honey, especially for those who keep bees in their backyard. For the first time ever, Beorn’s treat is available worldwide from Middle-earth Honey, a New Zealand based company striving both to bring the tastes of Arda to the world and to also save the precious bees that produce it.Land wars loom over manuka honey High-grade manuka honey is shaping up to be New Zealand's next big gold rush, but smaller-scale beekeepers are worried about losing land for hives to those with bigger chequebooks.NZ Honey's fight with MPI reaches Court of Appeal New Zealand Honey is appealing a High Court ruling in November that found its trademarks, Manuka Doctor and Manuka Pharma, amount to health claims and cannot be used on the company's products.That ruling came after the MPI withdrew export approvals, blocking the firm's sales into certain markets.

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