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Real Russian ladies looking for marriage and serious relationship do exist and they want to make up a family, to have children and to love passionately and the only thing needed is to find such matchmaking community where both man and woman can feel safe, assured and protected by site support.

So against your better instincts you’ve fallen in love with a sexually vanilla person. The old saying “you can’t help who you fall in love” with is very true.

Though there are lots of negative feedbacks of possible Russian scams but Russian brides are still the best.

They are popular because of amazing mixture of beauty, family values, desire of having children and being a wife.

It certainly doesn't mean that you are in to hardcore BDSM. All I know is that if a woman wants to be dominated I'll be happy to tie her to the bed and have rough sex with her and every penetratable opening in her body, but she's gotta look good with a ball gag in her mouth and she's gotta thrash against the ropes like she really wants to get free. Once the handcuffs are on, we are not done until I say so. take Vixen and Sugah up on their offer to help if you don't want to clarify what you are trying to find out with your very confusing questions.

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But in variety of russian dating sites that advertise Russian ladies any one can doubt in reality of Russian women because the rate of scammers has been increased.

Is it rare for a man to find that your vanilla lifestyle is work, kids and social events and that's the extent of it? I'm just not sure from your posts what direction that may be, but BDSM has a very wide spectrum and Sugah Punkin gave you some excellent sources.

What happens if you are looking for a natural dominant alpha male? I think he's trying to sound "in the know" Op,short of stating EXACTLY what you're after in your Profile,you may find what you're seeking through dating lots of men Nb: You certainly cannot tell what they're into (by looks alone) unless they tell you or you find out for yourself which can be a lot of FUN EDIT\/\/ *Yawn*......yeah,yeah,whatever............

The problem is, you’re really into kink and bdsm and you don’t want to let go of it whatsoever; you need it in your sex life. Is it possible to coax a vanilla to a halfway point, even a quarter way point? Slow and Steady Wins the Spank Do not try to rush your vanilla partner into anything, period.

You can’t expect them to jump right into a diaper and be tied up and gagged.

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