Tips on dating a scorpio man

He enjoys talking about local mysteries, like hauntings, or enigmas of human behavior.

He'll appreciate frank discussion about the dark side of life, as that's his territory.

He wants to be teased by a sexually confident woman, so the pleasure is drawn out. You'll find some tips on soothing his emotional soul and cultivating the water element.

You can create that atmosphere by dressing seductively with alluring extras like fragrances. If you have a compatible rhythm, you'll know when to touch Scorpio's arm or give the signal that you're open to their advances.

If drinking makes you have loose lips, consider keeping your intake moderate.

The Scorpio man admires someone in control of themselves and will be turned off by sloppy drunk behavior.

Seriously Sexy The Scorpio man has a heightened sensuality that's often veiled behind that mask of self-control.

He's got deep reserves of both physical vitality and capacity for diving deep psychically.

What's nourishing for Scorpio is to give of themselves wholly, and experience major cycles of change together.

He is a water sign, which means he's emotional and moves on his feelings.

You can hold his attention with subtle overtures that give just a tantalizing taste of what's to come.

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