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Demonstrate how you’ve provided solutions for others. Think about why you’re writing your about page in the first place and how you want the reader to feel when she’s done reading it. I know it’s tempting to add words you never use, but you’ll just end up sounding unlike you.Your about page is a key part of your marketing strategy. Build trust by adding a well-shot photo to your bio and about page. Go-To Skincare It’s clear that the company’s founder Zoe has spent A LOT of time understanding her audience. Your backstory doesn’t have to be a chronological list. Enable people to understand how you know what you know. My personal preference is the first person because I want to speak directly to you, but many great about pages are written in the third person.If you don’t know who you’re talking to how can you tell them what they want and need to hear? “You can read his wikipedia bio, reviews of his seminars and what Google thinks of him.” Go Pro If you’re a camera company what better way to tell your story than to use video. Ishita Gupta Ishita uses a differrent format and leads with a list of her values.

I run and manage this free porn videos site on a daily basis! He builds trust in several great ways, using photos, information about his professional and personal life, achievements and subscriber numbers. Michael Hyatt Michael creates an expectation about what the reader can expect to learn and the value he creates for his audience.Don’t waste this opportunity to connect with your prospective customers. The About Page Guide will take you step-by-step through the process. fit=474,249&ssl=1" /Every now and then you hear someone worth listening to say something that motivates you to really pay attention to what they are saying.

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