Telus updating roaming list

Telus also offers an International Long Distance Saver plan that will generate savings to customers while enjoying long distance connection to more than 200 destinations across the world.

Telus offers Promo Plans, Prepaid Plans, Tablet Flex Data Plans and Mobile Internet Plans.

Aside from its enormousness—it is after all Canada’s largest town and home to a quarter of Canada’s total population—it is bustling with vibrant life every day from the upbeat art scene to the diverse culture …Read the full article The market for internet and data related services in Canada have been of great importance in the whole global economy.

TELUS is a fast growing Canadian telecommunications firm with annual revenue of .1 billion and customer base of 13.9 million.

It number of wireless services customers stands at 8.3 million and is still growing steadily.

For its personal package, Telus offers Your Choice Plans that enable customers to create their own customized plan according to their needs and preferences.

For this plan, customers can either purchase a premium or regular smart phone from Telus or use their existing device.

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