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Agreeable people also have an optimistic view of human nature.Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others.These researchers began by studying relationships between a large number of known personality traits.They reduced the lists of these traits (arbitrarily) by 5–10 fold and then used factor analysis to group the remaining traits (using data mostly based upon people's estimations, in self-report questionnaire and peer ratings) in order to find the underlying factors of personality.It is related to the way in which people control, regulate, and direct their impulses.High scores on conscientiousness indicate a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior.Introverts have lower social engagement and energy levels than extraverts.

People who are open to experience are intellectually curious, open to emotion, sensitive to beauty and willing to try new things.They tend to be, when compared to closed people, more creative and more aware of their feelings.They are also more likely to hold unconventional beliefs.That these underlying factors can be found is consistent with the lexical hypothesis: personality characteristics that are most important in peoples' lives will eventually become a part of their language and, secondly, that more important personality characteristics are more likely to be encoded into language as a single word.The five factors are: People who do not exhibit a clear tendency towards specific characteristics chosen from the above-mentioned related pairs in all five dimensions are considered adaptable, moderate and reasonable personalities, but can be perceived as unprincipled, inscrutable and calculating.

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