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The keys felt so much like an extension of my finger tips that I was able to match my all-time high of 110 words per minute on the 10Fast typing test.

The 4.3 x 2.1-inch buttonless touchpad was highly accurate,whether I was highlighting text or navigating around the desktop.

The shiny HP logo in the middle of the lid really pops while the tapered shape of the chassis makes the entire system look slim and sexy.

Higher-priced competitors offer more vibrant displays and even longer endurance, but overall the Envy 13t is a fantastic value.Apple's Mac Book Air can't even compete as its panel can only hit 71 percent of the gamut.The glossy surface on the panel, along with below-average brightness hurts the viewing angles on the Envy.When I played AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock," the music was loud enough to fill a small room, but it was tinny.The Envy 13t's keyboard is so good that it alone makes this laptop a compelling option for students or productivity workers.

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